Working with an EQ Mentor ~ Part One

Lambda Mi provides educational resources and solutions for both individuals and for organisations/companies.

EQ emotional intelligence is a ‘key’ element in any relationship situation be it private, personal or work based. For every member of staff, all Team Leaders, Managers, Directors, from top to bottom and bottom to top, emotional intelligence is crucial if success is to be achieved and optimum performance attained.

Lambda Mi provide a two tier solution to the question of Mentoring; personal and online.

Our LM-EQ-Mentor is an online mentoring program that matches experienced mentors with workers, Managers, Team Leaders (mentees), in a private, non-threatening environment.

The ability to access knowledge, wisdom and the rich library of resources on-demand is already delivering results to over 20,000 companies in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia through a variety of Companies, all with demonstrated benefits to the mentee, the mentor and the company itself.

LM-EQ-Mentor uses a unique and innovative approach to increase the EQ emotional intelligence of working people and professionals through non-traditional mentoring processes as well as encouraging participants within online communities in professional peer collaboration.

Delivering value and results;

  • LM-EQ-Mentor provides results by employing proven experiential adult learning models.
  • LM-EQ-Mentor may be anonymous and confidential, allowing mentees to be open and truthful, without fear of retribution, supporting the “perfect learning experience”.
  • Through mentoring with LM-EQ-Mentor, mentees will be able to increase their EQ by improving self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, communication, and social skills interaction using our experienced mentors.
  • By using LM-EQ-Mentor, rest assured you are getting the highest quality mentoring for your employees / Managers / associates, without having to create your own internal mentoring program.
  • Through LM-EQ-Mentor, you will be able to identify your future leaders and be better equipped to close the leadership gap through more effective succession planning and increasing leadership effectiveness.
  • Through LM-EQ-Mentor, your senior managers will be freed to focus on the core business activities rather than any coaching processes, therefore improving productivity.
  • LM-EQ-Mentor enables your employees / Managers / associates to have direct input into their learning needs, and they in turn learn when they will need it.
  • With LM-EQ-Mentor, you will realise the many other benefits, including: better recruitment and retention of skilled staff, reduced turnover costs, reduced training costs, improved communications, improved delivery of service, increased productivity and performance, and enhanced development of social capital.

LM-EQ-Mentor provides the best value for your money, by providing access to our high quality mentoring team and program

LM-EQ-Mentor vs. training and coaching

LM-EQ-Mentor offers many benefits compared to traditional training and coaching methods, and can be easily integrated into your existing company requirements curriculum or used as a standalone program.




Training Goal

Competency in

a single topic

selected for the

entire group

Established specific

and/or immediate need

Mentoring and

enhancing EQ – tailored to the individual


One size fits all

Several sizes fit all

Based on constantly

changing needs

Time Frame

Short-term, scheduled

Short to intermediate term, scheduled

Long term, when you or the client needs it


Provider-client, public

Provider-client, varying degrees of privacy

Trusting, confidential

Location of



Face-to-face, some


Online – Confidential,


Experience of


Typically limited to topic


Same industry or


Motive of


Job; employment

Job; employment

Vocation; a calling

Other Learning

No outside


No outside coaching

Cross-industry working


Learner’s Contribution

Limited participation


Fully engaged



Treatment plan

Wellness plan

Advantages for your organisation

If you are responsible for harnessing the best from your organisation, we understand your needs.

The 21st century workforce is changing rapidly. As the labour pool becomes more diverse and the global struggle and searching for talent grows ever more competitive, it is especially necessary to meet the demand for well-trained employees with the right skill sets and competencies. Recruiting and retaining the right talent for companies to compete successfully is essential. Businesses around the world have confirmed they are facing a never-before experienced leadership gap.

Corporate cultures are shifting as the Baby Boomer generation retires and the Gen X and Y generations are left to meet the challenges of the new global economy. Fresh models for training and development, mentoring, and education must be found to meet the needs of the new workforce expectation. The new leaders for the 21st Century and beyond must be found and developed.

LM-EQ-Mentor is positioned to meet this demand by delivering value and quantitative results.

Companies must accept that they must reach outside their company confines to meet their own needs as well as those of their employees.

For working professionals, the demand for quality mentoring in an emotionally safe and retribution-free environment is priceless because presently, it mostly does not exist ~ until now ~ with LM-EQ-Mentor.

Our online asynchronous model allows for mentoring at the point of need for the working professional.

For a company, exposing their employees to outside intellectual capital in a collaborative but anonymous manner is also priceless, because again, it too does not exist ~ until now ~ with LM-EQ-Mentor.

In the May, 2010 edition of the Harvard Business Review, authors Meister and Willyerd discussed the benefits of mentoring Gen Y employees using approaches such as the ‘anonymous mentoring’ model employed by LM-EQmentor. They concluded that providing continuous opportunities for professional growth and development is critical for talent retention.

“What an exciting, innovative concept. LM-EQmentor provides a real-time opportunity to pull all the self-help, experiential, business savvy books that have been written over the years and turn that information into knowledge. Whether through personal experience or through mentoring – THIS is live, easy to use, a ‘point in time’ advice just when you need it. I love it and can’t imagine not having it” - EQmentor Client

Advantages for your employees

Amongst the top reasons why employees leave an organisation is a perceived lack of coaching and/or mentoring from their employer. By investing in LM-EQmentor, the ongoing and on-demand mentoring and support offers returns to employees both personally and professionally.

“One of the great things about LM-EQmentor is the safe haven to communicate concerns, connect emotionally, and release frustrations; not with a stranger on an airplane, but with a trusted mentor. It’s like Yoga for the Mind.”EQmentor Mentee

Working adults in general have four primary developmental areas: Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional. We have gyms, libraries, schools, books and places of worship, but where is Life’s Gym where an adult can safely explore experiences to harness knowledge and wisdom to make better daily decisions?

LM-EQmentor is the place for emotional and intellectual exercising allowing the working professional to learn at the point-of-need.

Consider mentoring as a wellness facility within a wellness programme much like your local gym. By working out at the LM-EQmentor gym with a mentor, a mentee can have the following expectations and results.




Improved EQ

Connect with mentor when needed

Greater career success

Sustained learning, not a 2 day course

Stronger relationships

Access to global community of professionals

Effective leadership skills

No threat of workplace retribution or politics

Improved communication

Relief from burdening family/friends with workplace challenges

Less workplace conflict

Connect – anytime, anywhere, anyplace

Better problem solving skills

Experience, Knowledge, and Wisdom – when you need it!

Improved development

Who is LM-EQmentor for?


EQmentor is designed for mentees who are working professionals in the Gen X (birth dates 1961 to 1981) or Y age groups (20 – 30), with a desire to learn, to be successful and to attain work/life balance. These mentees typically:

  • Possess an intrinsic desire for self-improvement.

  • Are coachable and are willing to learn from others.

  • Show high leadership potential.

  • Are in a critical retention role that involves external collaboration and human interaction.

  • Are recently promoted managers/supervisors or strategic new hires.


EQmentor is designed for organisations who wish to:

  • Improve recruitment and retain the right people.

  • Increase productivity and performance.

  • Improve job satisfaction.

  • Improve succession planning.

  • Discover latent talent.

  • Effectively assess individual performance.

  • Establish support networks for employees.

  • Facilitate the development of Social Capital.

  • Reduce training costs.

  • Reduce turnover with improved employee commitment.

  • Meet the needs of today’s working professional.

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The best way to improve EQ, without doubt, is EQ Mentoring and perhaps Coaching.

Once individuals have an opportunity to learn about what emotional intelligence is and how it is critical to their success at work and in their lives, they want to improve their ‘EQ’ skills.

The very best way we know to improve your EQ is through one-to-one mentoring.

An EITC EQ Coach will meet with you in person or by telephone to review the results of your EQ-i or EQ-360 Report. They will then discuss with you your vision of where you want to be – your ‘ideal’ future. They will then create a step-wise plan for how you can get from where you are currently to your future desired state and set up regular one-to-one coaching sessions with you to ensure your success at reaching your goals.

Please meet our highly qualified and experienced EQ Coaches: Klaudia Williams and Kim Cairns by clicking on their names in the bar above.

Contact us to discuss how EQ Coaching can enhance your work – and life.

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