The How and What We Think

As I’m writing this I’m sitting looking out over a Golf Course and the weather is … well, it’s stunning. Blue, blue skies, scudding white clouds, verdant green fairways on a Golf Course with yellow flowering gorse and bushes where their new leaf budding branches are wafting on a stiff breeze. In the distance I can see the sea and she too is a deep blue with white horses galloping towards what I know is the golden sandy beach.

So why am I saying these things? To create in your minds eye what I am seeing, to try to impart some of what I’m feeling, my positiveness, right now, in this moment, to you, the reader.

To do this though I have to get you thinking along similar lines, creating similar thoughtful perceptions, creating those minds-eye images which in turn helps to form those positive emotions.

But the way we think and feel is not so ordered is it?

We generally have so many things on our mind, interwoven with what we are doing, what we are seeing, what we are feeling, what we have to remember, all thrown together like some fresh boiled spaghetti. If we had to unravel these thoughts, feelings, memories, perceptions, needs and wants, we would have to be so careful not to break any of the strands of spaghetti because then we would be in danger of missing or losing something.

When you read this, you will probably roll your eyes. You might want to hit the stumble or even the delete button. You’ll most likely want to fall asleep and drool or dribble out the corner of your mouth at some point. But please keep going, have some patience with me.

As you read this, I want you to know, to try to recognise and understand that thoughts are random inside your head, that emotions come and go, change and tumble like some wet washing in the dryer. This is a ‘place’, a definite ‘place’ where we all think our thoughts 99% of the time, right in the middle of our skulls, where our hectic lives tumble and become entangled. Where the dishes aren’t done, the kids need a ride to … wherevah !!!… , where the cat coughed up a hairball again, or the dog is comically scratching his rear across the carpet again or …. hubby or wifey is due home or … !!!

We are generally and commonly “DISORGANISED” in thought, word, action and deed and even in our emotional awareness. I want you to accept (for now) that our thoughts really are this jumble of spaghetti that sits right in the middle of our heads. Yes, that’s right, not left brained nor right brained but a great big splodge of tangled goo right in the middle.

Now, accepting this premise, I need you to try to think from somewhere else. Not this place of ‘splodge’ where you usually think and have thoughts from. I want you to create a bubble, yes, a bubble, like the speech bubbles in cartoons. Within that bubble is a warm, soft and organised environment. This bubble is outside of your head and it hovers just above, separate but connected. Please try or start to think from this part of your brain instead, just for a minute: I am not kidding. I want you to think from there.

Forget today and what’s to happen, forget what happened yesterday and don’t worry about that important phone call you haven’t returned yet. Just put yourself up there and think from up there, where nothing else really exists except for the thoughts you’re having while you read this. Stay away from judgment, from judging this Blog (for now at least). Stay away from trying to rationalise or reason with me. Stay away from all those pressing things that make up ‘your life’. Try to make your mind open. I know, … that’s a difficult one with all your jumble but please, just try. Just think from up there in the bubble, where nowhere nor anything exists (but everything is really still taking place).

Now, close your eyes and breathe deeply a few times. Forget the world. Breathe. Be up here, here in the bubble.

You’re up here now with me, right? Okay? Good.

Now, two nights ago, I watched a documentary about the quantum physicist Amit Goswami. He’s working in areas that maybe 0.0000000002% of the population can truly grasp (and I’m definitely not fully claiming to be one of them.)

In The Quantum Activist (the programme), Dr. Goswami explained how reality is created from the top down. Not the bottom up, as we have always been led to believe in the materialist sense anyway; but from the top ~ the consciousness ~ the creation level. In other words, in the beginning, there was a sort of consciousness, a will to live, a natural need to eat, to live, to grow, to thrive, to multiply, to live, not to die, to survive, to ‘evolve’.

This thing ~ this thing “up there” (which is nowhere in a ‘real’ tactile sense) is where all consciousness exists. All of it. Yours, mine, ours (collectively). It’s all up there.

From up there, this consciousness branched out, sending down little feelers. Imagine an octopus, only a lot weirder, more ephemeral. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine this octopus hovering above everyone and everything, with arms, legs, tentacles, whatever you want to call them, and each appendage reaching down and connecting with that person, that thing, that task, that job, those emotions. See how all the feelers turn into things and animals and us? Now, can you see how it’s all connected, way up there in the … whatever it is that’s above us? Up there, is where we are all one. Just like the sages down the ages have been saying ever since the beginning of speaking time (and I don’t mean “at the first stroke, it will be …”).

Now, I know, your wanting to go and clean the toilet right about now aren’t you but please, stay with me, because here is where it gets really, really important.

We are all down here thinking our individual thoughts and creating our own individual lives, mowing the lawn and eating fast foods, getting obese and unfit, or worshiping obscenely paid but simple minded sports people, etc. But all of these individual thoughts, are also connected to that great big splodge of consciousness above us up there. Can you see that? And that great big splodge of consciousness is where the shaping of our world happens, even right now, this very second that you’re reading this.

So, to further develop this vision, I suggest we are constantly sending thoughts up to this consciousness, and then the consciousness sends down to us situations and things as a feeder in a regurgitating sort of way.

Because see what happens to our world when we are all thinking negative thoughts and acting on them: we become greyer, darker, dimmer, more focused on those negativities.

But what would happen to our world if we were all thinking positive thoughts and acting on them: we would become colourful, brighter, lighter and more focused on positivity.

And again, if you think that your own thoughts and emotions are too small to have any effect, that your own tiny existence (in the great scheme of things) is way too small and couldn’t make a difference anyway, then your thoughts and perceptions will be a little bit right won’t it? Sort of … but why?

Because very many people were/are, right now, thinking and behaving negatively or self-servingly. Just look around you, at all the cause and effects on your own psyche. The media is so stuffed full of paranoia, of negatives, of crisis here and crisis there, of disaster here and disaster there, wars and genocide here and repression there, of redundancy and no work, of death and mutilation of peoples, of greed and power by ‘the’ Leaders (I won’t say ‘our Leaders’ because they are not my Leaders but they are those who have manipulated and grabbed power from ‘we’, the apathetic majority of the worlds masses), of financial crisis, financial struggles, of pollution of the environment, the slaughter of life (both natures’ wildlife and also the we, the arrogant Human Being species). And it’s so very hard to effect any sort of change that you can see when you’re the only one thinking positive, loving thoughts.

But now … now, if you look around, people are starting to wake up. They are starting to think new thoughts, of creative and caring thoughts. The ‘us’, the ‘people’, the ‘us’ the regular, the beautiful, powerful, and creative people. There are lots of ‘us’ now, and we’re growing in numbers, in influence, climbing and forming a new power, in changing the world.

But there is still a problem: Many of us still want to believe everything appearing on the television, in the newspapers, and what our governments have told us and are telling us. What they are saying about each other, about how scary the world is, about our bills and about our inability to effect change. We watch our televisions and see catastrophe and hate, we listen to our radios and form the same emotions, have the same thoughts and opinions, and we think and combine (like food ingredients in a negative food recipe) these negative thoughts of catastrophe and hate, until we produce our repeating meals of negativity. The problem is that we are staying in that place, that negatively charged, worry-filled, me-against-you place. And that’s not even a real place. That’s just imaginary, pretend unreal, unnatural. Don’t you all know? We’re not really in a negative world. We just think we are.

And these kinds and types of thoughts, well, they keep that consciousness, that collective and weird octopus up there, making and forming even more of those negative or neutral things that happen down here because it thinks we need to live and breathe and consume such things to live. Oh how wrong it is.

There’s not really a me and a you, because remember … we are all really up there, doing things together, as one entity.

So now, when you think that your actions can’t affect your world, when you think that your thoughts can’t turn the life we all live into a better place, think again, PLEASE. Because there most certainly is going to be one person – ONE PERSON – that tips the scale. There’s going to be ONE PERSON that sets a new world in motion. And that person is … ?

It’s probably you.

Well, it could be! Or it could be me as well, because I am trying to make a difference, even if it’s just with YOU, you, the singular person, the reader of this piece.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you read and understood this rambling, that you thought clearly, from that speech bubble above your head, out of the tangle of everydayness, and then went on to do something similar with someone else, to give an alternative clarity of thought, of process, to make a difference in their life, and then they too went on to ……………..

Thank you.


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