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Lambda Mi Education & Development has, for very many years, been at the forefront and the strongest advocate in the UK of personal development, and in the provision of appropriate education and training with particular emphasis on vital ‘soft skills’ focussed on EQ emotional intelligence.

Now, Lambda Mi can announce, through formal Agreements, the business tie ups; with one of the worlds foremost developers and providers of ‘digital interactive simulation’ games: SIMmersion LLC and the “Quality of Life Academy’, based in Whitchurch in the UK. Together, we aim to provide answers, strategies and benefits applicable to practically everyone.

SIMmersion LLC is a US based company currently providing unique and exciting ‘digital interactive simulation’ learning and experiential educational games to; Departments of the US Government, US Police Forces, US Armed Services including; Marines, Air Force, Navy; the DEA, FBI etc. The ‘D.I.S’ games have been developed in conjunction with some of the most illustrious Universities and Health Care providers in America. Moving beyond the limitations of the classroom and traditional role-plays, the simulations provide a safe and objective environment for learning and practice of intricate interpersonal or “soft” skills. Developed by professionals from the fields of ‘script writing’, ‘video direction’, ‘psychology’, and ‘adult education’, these immersive simulations create unparalleled learning environments that are both mentally engaging and emotionally absorbing.

The menu of games cover many titles and crucially addresses, in a ‘virtual world’, some of the most pressing questions in society and the professions; ‘Job Interview Techniques’, ‘Motivational Performance Coaching’, ‘Performance Counselling’, ‘Hands-on-Interview Training Systems (HIITS)’, ‘Substance/Prescription Misuse’, etc.

Lambda Mi Education & Development and the Quality of Life Academy are now collaboratively working together offering these invaluable and unique services (EQ and D.I.A.S games) to; individuals, companies, organisations and institutions across the UK and in the European markets. Furthermore, they are providing vital ‘added value’ by linking them with personal development and importantly, emotional intelligence awareness education and training to enable improved personal and business performance.

QoL have been involved in education and personal development since 1985. They are one of the UK’s foremost and genuine companies. QoL has built systems enhancing business universities, worked as coaches to multi-millionaire entrepreneur clients, developed home based educational programmes and implemented ‘huge corporate culture change’ initiatives. QoL also created the unique ‘Event Coaching Concept’ to improve results that conferences and seminars generate and, have developed new sciences and methodologies for ‘Achieving Your Potential’ entitled Entelechy™. QoL also has a great deal of international experience linking up with open minded, dynamic individuals and organizations to develop ‘key educational projects’.
Research shows us that both practice and feedback are essential elements for learning new skills, particularly those involving interpersonal communication.

These formal collaborations can and do facilitate every conceivable person-to-person activity that is especially pertinent to Healthcare, Social Services, Uniformed Services (Police, etc), Armed Services, Education, Sport, Hotels and Leisure and importantly, for young people in society who are entering the workplace or finalizing their education (exams). Finally, the ‘D.I.S games’, coupled with emotional intelligence, greatly helps those in transition from unemployment (redundancy) back in to the workplace. Nothing is omitted or excluded, everything is included.

Please see the video link below for more information about the ‘D.I.S games’ …

Former FBI Chief talking about SIMmersion

To find out more about all these unique products and services linked with EQ emotional intelligence ‘soft-skill’ Workshops contact Lambda Mi Education and Development today.

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