SIMmersion’s Powerful New Simulation Effectively Trains Employee Coaching

Businesses using SIMmersion’s Coaching for Improved Performance training system, including one of the world’s best-known retailers, find it to be highly effective. Supervisors express their excitement about using the simulation to develop their skills.

“The Coaching for Improved Performance Training System may, in fact, be the first technology application to provide a more effective skill practice experience than traditional role play”.

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) October 31, 2013

Most businesses struggle to get managers to fairly review employees. Few supervisors want to tell individuals that they depend on that they are underperforming. Yet employees may be performing poorly simply because they don’t understand what they are doing wrong. Ineffective coaching can result in morale issues and even lawsuits. Effective employee coaching can help employees throughout their careers and make the difference between successful or failed organizations.

Performance Coaching workshops provide useful information, but they are expensive and don’t provide supervisors with the repeated practice and extensive feedback required to build coaching skills. SIMmersion has solved this training problem with its Coaching for Improved Performance online training system. The training system allows supervisors to practice coaching a simulated employee, Brooke Lerner, until they develop the skills and comfort level necessary to coach their subordinates in a way that makes them feel that the coaching was in their best interest.

David Milliken, Managing Partner at Blueline Simulations, says, that Coaching for Improved Performance “may, in fact, be the first technology application to provide a more effective skill practice experience than traditional role play”.

This robust game-engine based experience uses thousands of nodes dictated by rules and probabilities, combined with voice recognition and detailed feedback to eliminate the failure points associated with traditional, classroom-based role play.”

With this online training, supervisors will learn about the Coach 5-7 model and, then, build their skills and understanding of the process by repeatedly applying the concepts in simulated conversations with Brooke. No two simulated coaching conversations will be the same. To add to the experience, Brooke has six distinctly different personalities, so supervisors can be confident they can handle a variety of different behaviours that they may confront in their own workplace.

To ensure realism and capture real human behaviour, over 2000 video scenes are used to provide a wide variety of Brooke’s responses to learners’ statements. Her developing emotions are driven by what the practicing supervisor says to her over the course of the conversation. The coaching may end with Brooke storming out of the room in tears or with her feeling good about the help the supervisor provided. Feedback from an on-screen coach is available after every exchange and a comprehensive review is provided at the end of the conversation.

The Coach 5-7 model provides five keys and seven simple steps to help the conversation run smoothly. The five keys help the supervisor learn to be sensitive to the best ways to communicate and range from establishing a collaborative relationship to maintaining control of the conversation. The easy-to-learn steps range from setting the conversational tone to summarizing at the end of the coaching.

The web-based training can be utilized as a stand-alone product or can be incorporated in a classroom setting. Because the training system can be used almost anywhere at any time, the training is ideal for both large and small businesses.

SIMmersion’s PeopleSim® level 4 interactive training systems can now be delivered as a SCORM-compliant web-based application, on DVDs, and through mobile platforms. These systems can be made 508 compliant.

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