No One Wants Emotional Intelligence Training

Attention Managers, Coaches and Trainers:
No one wants emotional intelligence training!

No, you are not going to see a long line of people waiting to get in to attend a program that is advertised as Emotional Intelligence training or education program.

Nobody wants Emotional Intelligence training; they want solutions to “people problems.”

Whether you are a manager, a Director, a team leader, HR, a coach or a client, understanding the real issue brings great opportunity.

Let’s look at both the problem and the opportunity for everyone.

What do most people think their problem is?
Almost always, they think their problem is somebody else.  After 15 plus years of being an Emotional Intelligence educator, I still ask the same question of a new candidate for educating or coaching ~ “What is it you would you most like to get out of these sessions?”

The answer I hear 99 % of the time is some variation of:  “I want ‘it’ to be different.”  “They should be different”.
Many want their manager or supervisor to be different ~ less critical or more understanding.  Or they want their staff to be different ~ to buy in to their ideas and respond positively to change instead of fighting back.  I hear them say things like, “they don’t respect me,” “she doesn’t understand,” or, “he’s out to get me.”  The results of these misperceptions and unrealistic expectations of others are conflict, miscommunication and poor performance ~ not to mention severe emotional stress.

Emotional intelligence study is not a solution.
Convinced that they are right and others are wrong, many people just try harder to try to change others.

Recently, an HR Manager who complained that supervisors in her company were uncooperative and not open to her ideas to educate employees contacted me.  She, like many others, was interested in emotional intelligence because she thought it might be a kind of magic solution that would enable her to get others to be “the way they are supposed to be.”

When I offered the idea that since she was having the same issue with all the managers, she might be more successful if she changed her own attitudes and behaviours, she rejected the idea.  She insisted,  “if they would change then she wouldn’t have a problem.”

But I can’t and don’t judge this manager.  We all have this same issue to some degree.  We have all been conditioned to see ourselves as the victims of others’ behaviours.  You won’t have to think very long to come up with a time when somebody was the cause of your problem and you can prove it.  It is a human trait that keeps the legal departments with full workloads.

Personal responsibility + Emotional Intelligence = Personal Power.
Just studying emotional intelligence is not going to make your people problems go away.  A real and lasting solution to “people problems” is only possible by developing emotional intelligence WITH one very critical skill ~ the skill of introspection and personal responsibility.

What is personal responsibility, anyway?

In typical usage the word responsibility means duty, blame or burden; As in “who is responsible for this mess?”  Or “It’s your responsibility to do it right.”

I am using the term to mean something very different ~ self-determination.

In our EQ Workshop classes we define it like this:  “Personal responsibility is a context for being in which you affirm that you are the author of your own experience.  And, while you have no control over others, you do have absolute control over what you choose to think, feel, say and do.”

The Personal Opportunity
Think about this for a moment.  If you accepted the idea that your thoughts, feelings and choices create your own experience of life, you would be absolutely powerful.

If you were convinced this was true you would then focus on thinking, feeling and choosing those things that produce the most positive and purposeful experience of work and life for you, no matter what others do.  Ever heard of the Laws of Attraction?

How would your work and life be different if you did just that?

Those who take ownership of their experience see immediate benefits.

Over the years, the most frequent comments from clients on our EQ Workshop program that combines emotional intelligence and personal responsibility development have been, “ Life is much easier,” and “I have never felt so much at peace.”

The Managing, Coaching and Training Opportunity
Imagine a world of empowered people, free from emotional stress and enjoying peace and harmony.

Imagine a workplace with a culture of personal responsibility ~ a culture with no blame, high positive morale, empowered employees and great collaboration.

Imagine you are helping to create this vision.

As critical to individual and organisational success as personal responsibility is, there is a distinct lack of education, of training, of managing and coaching available to develop it.

You can make a big difference by adding this vital component to your services.

Our EQ Workshops provide the footing, the staging point  from which to cast off on the seas of personal development.

Try us, contact us.

Michael Boase

PS ~ Since 1992, Lambda Mi has been providing educational solutions to many individuals and businesses.  We pride ourselves on our proactive approaches to both personal and business development.  To this end, during the last 10 years or so, our focus and experience in Emotional Intelligence has proven worthwhile for so very many.

Flexibility, and professionalism enables our individual approaches to be tailored for specific issues.   Our EQ Workshops provide the sounding board, the starting point, from which EQ development can grow, thrive and prosper for the good of everyone.  This method has provided an effective way to integrate the development of emotional intelligence with personal responsibility.

If you see your future as a Manager, a leader, a Coach, you must include EQ emotional intelligence for without it you will be missing a vital component.

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