Meditation – As an exercise and food for thought.

World Mental Health Day ~ October 10th 2010, did anyone hear of this?

I didn’t think so. But it is a very important subject to be mindful about.

How sad though is it that when we talk of Mental Health we immediately think of mental illness, mental maladies, insanity, et al. In actual fact, mental health is just as important as our physical health but it has such bad press that virtually everyone steers clear of it.

Looking after our mental health, our mind, our thoughts, our emotions, brings wonderful benefits and helps us to cope with the stresses, strains, the constant insidious pressures of daily life. To be mentally healthy helps us so very much in our relationships and for us to plan and aspire to those heady heights of ‘progress’.

So how can we look after our mental health aspects? To look after our bodies we eat healthily, we exercise, etc, etc and therefore benefit from having fit and active bodies which have been provided with what it needs.

Our mental health is similar. It requires exercise, it requires monitoring, it requires practice and feeding and nurturing. How, I hear you ask? One of the main things we can do is to ‘meditate’.

Meditation it seems, is a buzzword that has impressions of some esoteric practice and eastern philosophies. In fact, meditation is what we do as a natural course in everyday life; it’s just that we aren’t mindful enough of it. In its usual state it is random, unsupervised, ill-trained, ill-disciplined and unrecognised mostly.

So … meditation hmmm? The word conjures up images of sitting in a cross-legged lotus position with a silly looking hand/finger configuration, eyes closed, Chinese music playing and incense sticks burning merrily away in the corners of the room. Our thoughts are our limiting factor here because we think in this light or frivolous way of the practice of meditation but, did you know that very many professional and top medical facilities, clinics and hospitals, all around the world, use meditation as a legitimate therapy? As a therapeutic practice for patients? Did you know that many of these same institutions use Meditation and emotional intelligence training and education for all their staff ~ from the humble cleaner up to the top Consultants?

Meditation has, as its focus, stress relief, emotional awareness, on mind and thought organisation, of relaxation, all of which impart wonderful benefits on our physical bodies and even, in to our relationships with everyone in and around our lives. Being a calm, caring person, being someone with inner peace and knowing, being someone aware of their emotions and how they affect themselves and in turn broadcasts to those around us, must be a good thing, don’t you think?

But people tend to think that meditation is something best left to those ‘hippy-type’ thinkers, recovering addicts, new age devotees or those with far too much time on their hands.

Lambda Mi ( strives to bring to everyone the awareness of the benefits of meditation, of mindfulness and of emotional intelligence and how everyone can benefit from taking a fresh approach to their mental health and stability.

The central aim for Lambda Mi is to convince people that meditation and emotional intelligence provides very real benefits for literally everyone, bottom to the top – from the young to the old.

The attributes of meditation are far more accessible and practical than people think and for more and more people, especially those enlightened people ~ be they individuals, Managers, Directors, Doctors, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Sports Coaches, Coaches or anyone with people-to-people skills, front line society interfaces, etc, etc, etc.

Lambda Mi has a Distance Learning programme available that educates people in meditation techniques that should also be supplemented with practical sessions. It’s called “Take Time”.

“Take Time” urges people to do just that, to “take time’. Even for just 10 minutes a day. That’s just 10 minutes out of a total on offer of 1,440 minutes every single day. It doesn’t seem much does it but, people today are spiralling so much and so fast in life that they become a blur, even to themselves. We have to slow down, look after ourselves holistically, mind and body and “take” time.

Get in touch today and ask about our meditation programme “Take Time” and about our other programmes, Workshops, seminars, etc.

Michael Boase


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