EQ emotional Intelligence and Stress Management

One of the newer breakthroughs in Stress Management deals with and highlights emotional awareness and emotional wisdom.  It really is key to understanding stress management and how you can employ EQ awareness and wisdom to take advantage and bring about proactive and beneficial stress relief results.
But what is our Emotional intellect?
Our emotional aptitude is basically a type of skill that enables everyone to control their own emotional state.  Of course some are better at this than others but the majority really aren’t aware that there is a principle and practice that is becoming more and more recognised the world over.  In favour of a person dealing with their stress, you are probably (or possibly) aware of how emotions can impair or relieve the stressful state of being that you are experiencing. According to very detailed and wide-ranging studies, people who have managed to boost their emotional awareness and wisdom skills are better able to reduce stress levels within their relationships and their lives.
Stress and damaging Emotions.
At any commencement of stress, the body undergoes various physiological changes that will eventually manifest into tangible forms that present the symptoms of stress.  But what are the ultimate sources of stress that you are going to be experiencing?  Basically, they come as a product of the damaging emotions which are emergent inside you.   They come as a product of the pressures which insidiously emerge from your place of work, your home, in your relationships or amongst your peers.
All emotions occur as a result of triggers, which differ from person to person.  These triggers combine with biochemical procedures within the individual, which prompts the body to liberate and produce cortisols or stress hormones, as well as adrenaline.  The build-up of destructive emotions can therefore either become a cause or else an effect of stress.  Either way, it is so unhealthy on behalf of you the individual.  In truth, it puts the individual at ‘real’ danger of emergent and resultant serious conditions such as elevated blood pressure, sleeplessness and an escalation in cardiovascular rates (among so many other debilitating symptoms).

You should therefore be proactive in counterattacking stress through EQ emotional awareness and wisdom and seek extra motivation to positively combat the manifestations of stress.
Enforcing constructive Emotions.

Now that you have an idea of the impending damage brought about by the presence of destructive emotions within your living environment, it is vital to transform them into something far more affirmative.  You need to be aware of the unconstructive nature of some emotion and convert them in to constructive emotions so that an improvement in your life is the result of your healthiness and social relationships.
You can help this transformation by promoting upbeat healthful emotions.  While destructive emotions put you at hazard of incurring injurious un-healthiness conditions, promoting positivity can boost the supply of DHEA or anti-aging hormone inside your body.  So, if you are experiencing distress from a discouraging or damaging emotion, or feeling the euphoria of positive emotions, they will imprint their own corresponding effect on your physiological and emotional state.
Enhancing Emotional aptitude Skills.
Although the advantages of enhancing emotional aptitude inside stress management has been (globally) established, truly achieving this is a unusual matter altogether.  It is certainly challenging with the constant assault of stressors inside one’s everyday life.  Here are several techniques to help you boost emotional aptitude:
• Take a moment of time to determine interactive awareness of your body parts every day of the week.  This would help to start an added awareness on the subject of what you are truthfully feeling inside yourself at any given moment.
• Arrange a moment to reflect.  You can develop effective emotional intellect with constant practice through contemplation.
• Adapt and adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. As soon as you are physically healthy, it will become easier to deal with your emotions.
• Start a journal.  This is a wonderful method for exploring your emotional states and to examine and to comprehend patterns within your life through which you will be able to assert extra control on how you feel and react.
Make certain you practice the above techniques often that will help to boost your emotional astuteness skills and attain a successful stress management knack.

Michael Boase

CEO & EQ Consultant

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