EQ in PHSE for Schools

Math Teaching Assisting Student 2003
“Children of today love luxury; they have bad manners, they show disrespect for adults and love to talk, rather than work or exercise, they contradict their parents, chatter in front of company, gobble down their food at the table, and intimidate their teacher and peers.”

Much is written and broadcast on the TV about harassment and bullying both in and out of schools.

Children and young people are the same the world over no matter their culture or creed and they require progressive and proactive education, support, guidance and experience in order to mature and prosper as independent and responsible human beings.

As parents, teachers, educators and leaders, we all have pivotal roles in equipping children and young people with the necessary life skills. Young people need to live life effectively, responsibly and to develop both themselves and their relationships. Young people need to hone their abilities in their social and communication skills. Only through the provision of ‘inclusive’ life skill education, will each young individual, successfully progress in our ever-demanding society. Developing pupils’ social and emotional competences is ‘key’ to their future success. This is why our approach is well considered, proactive and designed to include all pupils.

Emotional intelligence is an exciting and practical resource that helps teachers to deliver vital skill sets of social and emotional competencies, which will help future learning opportunities.

Harassment and bullying are two insidious elements that seem on the increase. EQ can address so many of our problems and provide road maps to better communication.

Lambda Mi provides EQ Workshop presentations for PHSE within school classrooms delivered by Teachers and Parents after awareness education.