Business EQ

Lambda Mi provides a Consultancy whereby individuals, groups and organisations can benefit from advice and guided support on emotional performance.

EQ is 'key' to success both in the workplace and from personal perspectives.

The recent developments and focus towards emotional intelligence has highlighted the critical role that emotions and their effects play within business. It is true that our emotions that are the source of our connections to others, our motivations providing crucial information about what is happening around us.

In the workplace emotional intelligence is relevant for managers and everyone engaged in 'people-to-people' skills, to employ their emotions for the benefit of interactions with others and their environments.

Our educational programs of supported awareness provide pathways to enable everyone across every profession and within every activity, within every working practice to gain ‘+ benefits’.

At its core, emotional intelligence provides the vehicle for enhanced personal performance, self-awareness, predictive skills, self-managing and self-monitoring all of which help in our environmental actions, interactions and relationships with others.

Coaching isn’t coaching without emotional intelligence and awareness.

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