Education & Training - Meditation

Ever heard of Meditation? Of course you have. Ever thought that it was something that an ancient looking Oriental person would do but not you? We imagine so. But Meditation is a proven process and a system that everyone can use and employ and very importantly, ‘benefit’ from. Do you want to be as free as possible from stress and strain?

Normal living has a habit of splitting us in to many different parts, our partners, children, the car, the traffic, shopping, work and relationships, coming home to the mail behind the door, disappointments, more stress, strain, worries, anxiety, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. Life is a wonderful journey but it can be toilsome, draining and fragmenting. So what can we as individuals do with regard to regaining and reshaping our wholesome self?

Meditation is a process by which and through which, with regular practice and awareness, can bring reforming benefits that are enduring.

Stress is one of the modern worlds biggest killers. It is estimated that between 70% and 90% of ALL illnesses, Hospital and Doctor visit presentations are stress related. Very many Cancers, Suicides, AIDS and so many other serious illnesses, have stress elements either causal or indicative. Stress killer numbers are greater even than the combined deaths from Cancer and AIDS put together. We need to shed as much stress as possible from our lives; we need to be happy and healthy, after all we only get one chance.

Lambda Mi provides guided learning and workshops a well as a Distance Learning program for Meditation. Meditation is a program of study and practice to compliment your personal development on different levels but don’t think this is just for the individuals benefit Businesses benefit greatly from having a calmer and less stressed environment with managers and leaders acting appropriately.

Get in touch today for our Meditation information. We can and will support you every step of the way through emailing and online connection.