Business Testing

People remember you when you get things right.

People quickly forget you when things go wrong.

People positively recommend to their circle of relatives and friends when things go right.

People negatively advise against you when things go wrong.

All it takes to create a positive experience is to do and say things right.

To rectify a negative experience is almost impossible and could cost a fortune (in lost customers/clients or … remedial action).

Lambda Mi Education and Development know what makes people tick, what attracts and holds on to customer clients and also … what repels them.

Customer Client Magnet [CCM]
CCM is focused on developing, building and maintaining your business! In these very challenging economic times, we all know that it’s vital to monitor the ‘bottom line’, to proactively manage cash flow, to develop your business, products and services, and to achieve and maintain the highest levels of customer/client service and satisfaction.

Lambda Mi is an experiential Consultancy company offering (among many other things) a special business and business operation ‘health check’.

Our new Customer Client Magnet (CCM) scheme is designed to test your business; your website, your company’s responses to enquiries, your company’s effectiveness in client/customer delivery of products or services and provides a reporting facility on resulting findings.

Like a ‘magnet’, which attracts or repels (dependent on polarity), the report you will receive will provide a true and accurate snapshot of ‘tested’ negative/positive results, dependant on a number of factors.

Lambda Mi will review your company/personal website; conduct a functionality test, conduct a website positioning test (Google, MSN Yahoo, etc), review the website content and context, its text and grammar, test named or all the website pages and then report the findings whilst offering remedial or positive feedback suggestions.

Personal/Company contact;
You know the saying “you only get one chance to create a first impression” which is a truism in these days of high competitiveness that is currently struggling alongside such severe austerity. It is therefore critical that you/your business reacts and/or responds in the very best possible manner to a wide variety of contextual enquiries.
Lambda Mi will conduct testing and provide detailed analysis reports from it’s contextual testing, thereby providing you with a snapshot of you/your businesses performance and presentation, along with experiential suggestions to improve or enhance your performance criteria.
Customer Client Magnet testing that’s fast, easy, affordable and extremely beneficial. CCM usability testing has always been a great way to improve the customer client experience, and of which positively monitors and increases personal and business performance, but because of the costs and resources required it has generally been reserved for the few organisations that could afford it. Not any more.

Lambda Mi takes the time, effort, hassle and expense out of CCM usability testing and have made it quick, easy, affordable and effective; for everyone. There are no long-term contracts, no software download and no minimum purchases. You can test as much or as little as you like. It’s whatever suits your particular needs; and we do all the work on your behalf.

New to CCM usability testing?
The best option to try out our user CCM experience testing for the first time is to Pay As You Go. Simply set your tasks and choose in which tests you want to participate.

You can test as much or as little as you like and at only £50 per test it won't break the bank.

We generally recommend initial testing on 3 separate occasions to get the best results and at only £150 (compared that to the thousands of pounds it costs for traditional testing), it’s a bargain. A single-test won't give you the full picture but it will still give you 100% more information than in conducting no tests at all !

And every test you run will give you more and more valuable and unique information to help increase the performance of your website, business contacts and marketing activities. So what are you waiting for?

Try it for yourself right now … Remember, CCM user experience testing is the cheapest, fastest and most effective way to continually improve the performance of your website, business contact performance, or your business service/product delivery.

Getting started is easy
Testing will begin immediately and your test results will be available fast. As soon as the results are ready we send you an email report. If you need to discuss the results, we are always available.

Want to test these facilities?:
  1. Website usability
  2. Website appearance
  3. Website functionality
  4. Website copy, text, grammar, etc
  5. Website ranking
  6. Telephone Contact
  7. Problem recognition and resolution
  8. Service/Product Delivery
  9. Complaints procedure
  10. Online ordering
Remember, magnets attract but also repel. Don’t be, or allow a negative polarity in your business performance and activity. Turn negativity in to a positive experience response.

For more detailed information on this critical personal/business performance test, contact Lambda Mi now.