Business Services

Translation Services, Copy Writing and English Editing Services
Lambda Mi is a multi-disciplined Consultancy providing services for individuals and companies alike.
Our fully qualified Translators provide Translation Services for English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic languages. Contact us for more details.

Also, our authors and researchers provide professional services that include copy writing for marketing and advertising campaigns, internal circulars, broadcast info-scripts, articles and editorials, etc.
Copy writing is a very important aspect for every business activity and especially so when having regard to connecting with ”peoples emotions” on all levels.

We additionally provide professional English comprehension and editing services to ensure the readability of printed written English for our overseas clients especially in the context of bi-language magazines, articles, notices, reports, studies.
Effective communication, marketing and advertising is crucial in our modern and pressurised environment and having clean, clear, concise and correct flow of language is crucial as a professional and an important impact tool.

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Our Business Development Consultancy provides expertise and global contacts and networks acquired and developed over many years and in many different parts of the world.
We provide advice and new ideas which are always needed even within the most successful of organisations providing fresh ideas, concepts, impetus, energy and enthusiasm from which we can develop synergies that benefit any and every business activity.

What makes our business development services different?
We aren’t a big multinational firm. We are a small team of expert business strategy consultants operating a friendly, professional service with a “get things done” attitude. Years of experience make our creative problem solving exceptional.
If you would like to know more about our business strategy consultancy services, or any of our other services, please contact us today and we will be very pleased to assist you.