Business Opportunities

Here at Lambda Mi we may just have the opportunity you have been waiting for or looking for. It won’t be easy — it will be testing — but ... it will be exciting and it is potentially very rewarding.

We are recruiting entrepreneurs; Teachers / Trainers / Educators / Facilitators / Coaches / Managers, Retired Service Personnel (Uniformed and Armed Services) in countries to express and deliver our EQ Workshop Series or our Coaching Workshops. These subjects are appropriate for nearly every facet of life activity so the potential is huge.

If you are a 'people person', a good communicator, an educationalist, who is keen on developing your own business, we want to hear from you.

This opportunity can establish you with a full time business or a part time interest.

Provision of the Power Point Presentation will provide the facilitator with all the key aspects of an introductory program in EQ emotional intelligence and awareness. The EQ Workshop Series is designed to be run on a one-day session and can be run for a 20-person audience.

Costs are recommended in the region of £60 per day per person. Total cost per person [for the full 20 person audience] = £1200 per day. The gross income derived per EQ Workshop Series for 20 candidates is £1200 for 1 days work.

This business opportunity is based on individuals [or companies] becoming a Registered Agent with Lambda Mi and purchasing an Annual License.

The Annual License will enable the Agent [Agency] to deliver the EQ Workshop Series using the Power Point Presentation to a range of candidates. The corresponding candidate documentation can then be filed with Lambda Mi to enable Registration and Certification. The Annual License costs £500 for an individual Agent ~ £1000 for a Company Agency.

The License fee includes :

  1. Registration with Lambda Mi
  2. The EQ Workshop Series Power Point Presentation
  3. Supporting documentation
  4. Telephone help, support and guidance
  5. Information/tool updates when available
  6. Unlimited candidate registrations
  7. No geographical restrictions

Contact us today for more information.