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The below are a series of posts from the LinkedIn website that are from a discussion group involving EQ emotional intelligence.

These discussions highlight a full range of people, cultures, business and career activities.  There are of course many, many other posts that highlight the importance and vitality of EQ emotional intelligence.

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I’m Xxxxxx xxxx, based in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. I am in public accounting.  In my career – EQ is very important because I have to manage dozens of staff on many different projects at any given time. To be an effective manager, I find the need to manage each individual staff as they need. It has been a struggle for me to find the right balance of managing to their needs while still meeting my management needs. EQ has helped me to better understand how to empathize with each person on a more individual level and to specifically ask them what they need from me.
I have enjoyed reading the discussion points from this group and look forward to many more. For anyone interested – a great quick read on EQ is “The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook”. I helped me understand the basics of EQ and what I need to work on in the future.

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  • Group: The Emotional Intelligence Network

I’m Xxx Xxxxxx, based in South Australia.  Having ended my institutional management career of more than 30 years in not-for-profits and government, I am following my passion for management through a portfolio lifestyle of consulting, mentoring and volunteer governance.  I apply my own emotional intelligence and my knowledge of EQ in all my professional roles and refresh my understanding constantly through resources such as this group and by watching and thinking about the people with whom I interact in life.

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  • Group: The Emotional Intelligence Network

Hi everyone,

I’m  Xxxxxx, from Labuan, Malaysia. I’m a Senior Executive of Labuan Borneo Trustees Limited, a Licence Trust Company.  I have always been curious about EQ and from what I have read, it is a very powerful knowledge. A wisdom. I am really honoured to have been accepted in this group and looking forward to improve myself for a better future.

Thank you.

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  • Group: The Emotional Intelligence Network


I’m Anna, currently deployed to Afghanistan. I’ve been in the military for 26 years and have found the leader who understands both the hearts and heads (which inevitably guide the gut) of their folks, can create an incredible team. I’ve seen glimpses of this once or twice in my career and the results, both in mission and men (individuals), are stunning.

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  • Group: The Emotional Intelligence Network

Hello everyone, my name is Harvey. I live in Cleveland Ohio. EI, or Emotional Intelligence fascinates me. It’s a quality that I believe without question has contributed to my business success. The following is my headline from Twitter. It says it all. “Emotional Intelligence can’t be found in a classroom. Optimism, common sense, integrity, empathy, sense of humour, leadership, communication, these are the qualities that will will always prevail”.

It is the way I live my life. I use it every day, at work, at home and at play. I read somewhere that IQ will get you hired, but it is EQ that will get the promotion.

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  • Group: The Emotional Intelligence Network

Hello Everybody,

I am Sandeep from Delhi, India. I am a filmmaker and a farming professional. Emotional intelligence is the key to getting where one wants to be in life in today’s fast paced world. So here I am hoping to learn about myself and evolve as a human being. In the process if anyone else is helped it is an added bonus I would say.

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  • Group: The Emotional Intelligence Network

Hello, Everyone!  My name is Kristina and I am a Life Skills Counselor in Ontario, Canada. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing ideas about EQ as it is a big part of the work I do as well as qualities I attempt to develop in myself and live by.

I’m happy to be here with all of you!

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  • Group: The Emotional Intelligence Network

Hello Everyone

I have just joined the group. I am originally from the UK but now live and work in Prague where I have my own training company.  I have become increasingly interested in EQ and look forward to talking more about it with others in the group.

Some more posts along the same lines.

Celeste ~ Hi everyone! I am student recruitment officer and events manager at the University of Toronto.  Emotions seem to play a bigger role in how I manage relationships now more than ever. Is it the 24/7 demands of our time? Is it the expectation of instantaneous replies? I just wanted to join a group that might be thinking about the same things.

Rob ~ Hi all, I’m Rob, I’m a business and life strategist residing in Seattle currently.  I have lived in many places domestically and globally and have come to consider EQ as one of the most impactful ways to increase productivity, not just in the workplace but in life. If we can zero in on the one intelligence factor that can dramatically increase our ability to perform we can accelerate change on many fronts. I’m open to all ways to raise global awareness and invoke dialogue around the benefits of its installation in our society.

Nannan ~ Hello, everyone. I come from China, and now I am studying my Masters’ programme, international relations Middle East in University of Durham in the UK. I noticed that in my country lots of people believe that a person with high EQ usually has low IQ, of course there are so many people with both high index in these two aspects. And for myself, often I feel control emotion is not a easy thing to do, especially under some conditions. Does EQ really opposite with IQ? I just wonder.

Nina ~ Hi. My name is Nina du Plessis living in South Africa. I am an educational psychologist and trained Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapist. I do a lot of work with teenagers and living in a society such as ours, I am finding our young ones are not emotionally in tune (obviously also being part of the adolescent phase of identity formation). More specifically though, I am finding the families are needing to create more emotionally intelligent family atmospheres to allow children and teenagers to become more emotionally in tune with themselves and others. Any advice?

Joshua ~ Hi Celeste, Robert, Nannan and Nina – welcome!
@ Nannan – no, I don’t think it’s opposite.  To develop EQ we need to use our cognitive capacities about emotion.  As David Caruso wrote (approximately), It’s not about heart over head replacing head over heart – it’s about the two working together.
@ Nina – I agree and research suggests there is an increasing disconnectedness and decreasing empathy in younger people. That’s very dangerous. Hopefully we can counteract that trend by developing EQ for families. Our research and experience at Six Seconds says that a relatively small amount of EQ training has significant effects on families, both in terms of increasing parental EQ and in changing parent-child interactions.

Karen ~ Greetings from Indianapolis, Indiana. I was born and raised in a small town in Iowa, and have lived in Indy since 1991.  I retired in 2005 from state government where I worked as a program manager and business process designer.  I am currently a contributing editor/book reviewer for VietNow and staff writer/book reviewer for Veterans Today.  I have gotten extremely interested in Six Sigma as well and am a Green Belt candidate. I ditto every one else’s wonderful comments about EQ.  My interest in such matters began when I earned my BA in education and taught in the Dubuque Iowa public school system.  I feel EQ has an astounding integrity in reflecting what it takes to fully live a high quality of life, and wish our schools would focus on EQ rather than IQ.  As for me personally, I see constant affirmations that EQ is accurate, sensible and profound.  I look forward to “meeting” everyone through these group discussions. Kind regards to all.

Jay ~ Hello fellow knowledge seekers, I am Jay Smith, I live in St. Helena Ca (located in the center of the Napa Valley (USA) wine country). My family and I currently operate a unique retail grocery store, we have also been involved in business consulting nation wide.  I am a believer in the words of Socrates – The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.  That is the reason I joined this group, my continuing search for knowledge compels me to seek information and perspective from as many sources as possible.  I have found the conversation in this group, and several others, to be very interesting and thought provoking.  I look forward to receiving, and possibly giving, meaningful insight on this important topic. Thank you.

Ezdisc ~ andy,china beijing, I love everything related human nature and development/psychological test like DISC, MBTI, PI, SHL, 16PF, etc are my favourite tool in daily management life. I like recruiting and training and coach and promotion.  thank you for everyone’s great discussions, i am absorbing the nutrient:)

Jeff ~ Hi to the group. I live in Hoboken, NJ (Frank Sinatra, baseball, Cake Boss!)
I have had a dual career as an I.T. Project Manager and Corporate Trainer, and have found EQ to be key in both managing people and in giving successful trainings.
For the last few years I have been training project managers on what’s called PMP project management, and also training corporate instructors toward certification as technical trainers (CTT+, MCT, ACI). And I think the group would be interested to know that the certification exams I train my students toward include questions on people skills that I would say touch on EQ!
I wrote a book this year, “The Project Management Answer Book.” The book is to help project managers increase their skill-set and become more effective, and also to prepare them for the PMP and other related certifications (www.PMAnswerBook.com)

Thanks for all the great discussions, and looking forward to more. Jeff

Robin ~ Hi group my name is Rob, born and raised in the UK, lived and worked in Europe, China and the USA where I am now a citizen living in beautiful Chester County PA.
I have been in manufacturing leadership positions for many years now struggling between the pressure to perform in the short term and the desire to invest in a longer-term transformational process.  In many ways I feel we must find a balance between hitting the numbers this month but with some level of longer-term investment in the culture.  I believe that any truly transformational and sustainable change must address 3 things, Spirit, System and Setting.
Spirit, refers to the inner energy source that drives us to do the things we do.  In people it is the motivation to act, to do, to behave in a particular way.  In groups it is about the interaction and relationships.  It is unquestionably the most important of the three elements for without spirit, system and setting will yield little improvement.  Spirit is like the wind in the sails of a majestic schooner.  We cannot see it, but we can see its effects as the sails fill up providing the energy source for movement.  Without the wind the ship cannot move forward.
System, refers to the procedures we use to direct that spirit lest it flounder unmanaged and ultimately crumble into frustration.  To renew or refresh the spirit without providing the systems with which to direct it is a forlorn activity.  On the schooner the systems are used to trim the sails to capture the last drop of wind, the last piece of energy, and direct the ship to the desired destination.
Setting, is the physical space in which the group or organization lives or works.  The setting must nurture the spirit rather than deprive it of energy.  It must facilitate the effective use of the systems rather than inhibit them.  On the schooner the setting is the ship itself.  It is clean, it is tidy, there is nothing out of place as space is at a premium.  But it is also the smell of the wood and the reflection of the setting sun on the gently flapping sails.  It is a place you want to be.

Lizeth ~ Hello, I am a teacher in Holland at a school for children with educational needs (students are 12 till 18 years ) .  Because of these children I am curious about how the development is social and emotional by these Children.  In my serge for information my greatest discovery till now is that I like it to discuss with people about the importance of the EQ in daily live and at work in opposite of the meaning that IQ is more important.  I do not agree with that. My students are my proof.

I started in this topic to find more proof a view days ago,  If you have something for me, please do not hesitated to join in.

Greatings from Holland

Peter ~ Hi there, I’m Peter and live in Leeds in the north of England. I am an IT Project & Programme Manager working in numerous business sectors and with a disparate client base. I’ve been interested in EQ for some time, and have decided that this is the year to do something serious about it.  The first step was to join this group.  The next step is to engage in the discussions and make a contribution. I look forward to talking with you all.

Albert ~ Hello group, I am Albert and I live the Coffee Capital of the World – Melbourne, Australia.  There are more coffee shops per capita than any other city in the world in beautiful Melbourne – pronounced “Malben”.  I am interested in EQ as it utilised in relationships at many levels.  I work with many leaders and potential leaders assisting and coaching them to relate better to their stakeholders, managers, followers, colleagues and customers.  I found that it is very important to take EQ into consideration whenever organisational change I introduce to any organisation.  Most change managers introduce system change without factoring in the emotional, relational and social ramification.
The other observation is that it is easier to know and advise others of what to do and how to improve their EQ and relationships but when it comes to personal change people find it very difficult with feedback, support and accountability.

I am looking forward to interacting with the group and may be collaborating in some way with a number of you.

Mary ~ I’m Mary and live in San Diego, Ca, and wish to incorporate EQ training into my background in business development and non profit organization management.  I have lived and worked in the UK for the past 3 years and am looking to start an international consultancy in training professionals in EQ.

Renee ~ Hello everyone. My name is Renee and I recently relocated to Hong Kong from beautiful San Francisco.  It was there that I was first introduced to the EQ approach in management and I enjoyed how much it has helped shape and develop my managerial skills over the years.

I met numerous leaders in the field, such as Amy Levine, Sharon Ellison, Caterina Rando, etc., who shared their success stories and further convinced me of the importance of weaving EQ into any leadership opportunity.  EQ is not only relevant in the workplace but also has transformational effect on personal relationships.  Thanks for having me in the group and I look forward to exploring ideas with this team.

Buddy ~ Hello Group,

I am in the Sunshine State of Florida. I have lived in the same town (Naples) my whole life. I have been trying for years to find a way to survive in the Financial Services business without having to work with clients who are already wealthy. If someone already has a large portfolio, getting them a higher return on their investment is important, but would not have a major impact on their lives.
It has been my idea to work with people who, if provided with outstanding financial advice, it would change their life completely in a positive way. I started to develop a plan @ 15 months ago to transition from my current Teaching position, back into the Financial Services field. I have found services I can offer my client, that if they follow through it could have an impact on their family for generations.
When I found EQ and read about the group, I thought here is a group of like minded people. On of the post I read said something about “loving your clients”. I thought here is a group for me.

Lakshmi ~ Hello everyone, First of all I would like to thank Joshua for trying this idea on this group .I’m Lakshmi and live in Hyderabad – India. Currently working as Operations Manager in Market Research Firm, head quartered at San Francisco.
I attempt to read most of the discussions in this group. Essentially, I joined this group to connect, understand and translate human emotions which all of us undergo and eventually bring out a balance in life, both at personal and professional front.
The varied discussions are helping me understand perspectives of people in all their dimensions. Here I would like to state that – “every situation has 3 angles. Your angle, My angle and the Right angle” – which is what most of us fail to recognize. EQ definitely helps bridge the gap.

Sue ~ Hello All,

I’m Sue, based in the UK and my career has been a mix of Finance and HR.

What makes people behave the way they do has been a life long interest of mine. I believe EQ and understanding as much as we can about ourselves and others, to be vital, not only in our professional lives, but in our personal dealings with the world. Society seems to be experiencing so many changes, in such rapid succession that strong emotions are perhaps closer to the surface than they were before. I’m definitely interested in anything that can constructively help us deal with all that entails.

As I learn more about others, and myself I wonder if a crossroads isn’t around the corner and a career change in view? EQ, and helping people apply it as they need to really excites me so recently thoughts about putting some dedicated training (as opposed to learning because I just want to, without any real purpose for it) to become a Life Coach or similar has real appeal.

I’m really looking forward to being a part of the flow of ideas/discussion here.

Marian ~ What a great idea Joshua. I am Marian from New Jersey. Yes I live at the shore but not that Jersey Shore. I live near the southern tip of the state. I work for a very large non-profit health organization. It is my responsibility to recruit, train, retain and manage hundreds of volunteers from all over the state. As I work with these volunteers I notice large differences in the personalities of the truly gifted scientists and the truly gifted people who really run the organization. I believe EQ is the determining factor.
Would love to incorporate more EQ into my training and look forward to more discussions.

So, the above represents a snapshot of comments received and there have been a plethora of others posted during recent days.  Sometime soon we will start the process of discussing and debating EQ issues, learning, experiences and practices.  If you would like to join the Group please do and don’t forget to invite us/me to your LinkedIn profile as I off you to become part of our growing group also.

Let us know what YOUR thoughts are, what YOUR experiences are and what YOUR interests in learning are?

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