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Lambda Mi Education and Development has been trading and in existence since 1990.  Its speciality has always been in the research, authoring, development and delivery of effective and efficient learning and experiential programmes.

Since 1997/98 Lambda Mi has been active within the personal development field researching and conducting Workshops, Seminars and providing accredited Distance Learning through an accreditation Awarding Body (ASET) in such subjects as EQ Emotional Intelligence, Meditation, Change Management, Leadership, Co-action Coaching, etc.

Having recently been somnambulant, the members of Lambda Mi are again seeking to join with other individuals and companies who have experience and expertise in related fields.  To this end Lambda Mi has been active in networking circles and re-establishing links and contacts to develop a database of interested parties.

Further, Lambda Mi is also seeking to establish an extended and multi-sectioned database of interested apposite individuals who are willing to be trained or educated to provide and conduct education as an own business model under the auspices of a Lambda Mi umbrella.  These individuals will be drawn from relevant areas such as Uniformed Services (Police, Prison, Fire, Ambulance, Rescue Services), Armed Services, Teaching, Health and Care Sectors, Tourism and Leisure, Financial, Retail, Business and Management, Human Resources, Charity and Voluntary Sectors, etc.

There are many ways to recruit for the databases; through networking, Blogging, article authoring and submissions (to specific publications such as Police (internal) Newspapers, Sector specific publications, etc), classified adverts, utilising existing contacts and in making contacts upon contacts, etc.  Much work has already been conducted and the database is being developed.

Initial Development Phase

  • The initial aims is to build the multi-structural database and then induct members to the Business model, train and educate the database members to be ready for any/all learning leadership towards their audiences.
  • To review the accreditation processes and various options.
  • To research and develop potential partners.
  • To review, research and develop the learning programmes.
  • To review and collate articles and Blogs for loop-repeating submissions.
  • To review and list submission facilities such as magazines, trade journals, blogs, etc.
  • To recruit potential members for the multi-structural database.
  • To research and investigate accreditation badging to enable easy and recognisable acceptance of different learning programmes by end users.
  • Review learner flow and administration documentation.

Secondary Development Phase

  • Enlist Train the Trainers
  • Identify venues for training purposes
  • Review Train the Trainer programmes and Trainers
  • Review programme documentation

Business Development Phase

  • Recruit paying Licence Holders; both Individual and Corporate/Company
    • Conduct limited marketing on behalf of Licence Holders
    • Provide ‘Own Business’ documentation for Licence Holders

If you, your company or your relevant audience targets are interested in either becoming Provision Members or Educational/Experiential Recipients then please, contact us straight away.

Thank you

Michael Boase

CEO & EQ Consultant

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