About Us

Lambda Mi Education and Development is a company with many years (since 1990) of professional experience.

As an organisation we aim to provide, review, analyze and design educational and training solutions for professional, managerial, occupational and vocational interests.

We are expert in the design, implementation and delivery of professionally produced bespoke educational and training programs.

We maintain and promote an 'open mind' policy as to what you (the client) wants and needs to improve and develop yourself, your company and your employees to realise a brighter and more positive future outlook.

"How can we help you to help yourself and others?"

The services and products that Lambda Mi Education and Development has at its disposal will effectively aid and assist in the personal development of individuals together with those of groups or teams of people within organisations.

Contact us today and discover how we can help YOU or your company to reach higher levels of personal growth and achievement.

"A helping hand to those who aspire and dream"