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“Divine intervention?” she asked

Yesterday was a final session for our EQ At Work coaching certification class, and participants were acknowledging within themselves for what they had achieved.  “I want to acknowledge myself for being much more self-confident,” said one.  “It’s simple for me,” said another, “I am much more in charge of my life experience rather than just reacting to what is going on in my organisation.”  Then we heard a woman say, “Is it Divine Intervention?”  – “I had no idea.”

There was a silence for a few moments and then she continued. “I believe in Divine Intervention and I’m sure that this is what this class has been for me.  I registered for this class to improve my coaching ability and build my business, but I had no idea how much it was going to benefit me personally.  As it turned out, after I registered for this class, I have had to face some of the greatest challenges of my life and this class has been helping me to do that successfully.  I’m so sure that has been Divine intervention.”

Not the first time.

Of course I was delighted for her and for everyone’s accomplishments, but it was not the first time in my work that I had witnessed such results.  From around 1992, when I started Lambda Mi Education and Development and in particular with a focus towards emotional intelligence and up until now, I have heard many students say something similar.

A few years ago, Diana M. spoke of her experience like this:

“One of the few times in my life that something that was too good to be true really wasn’t.   Lambda MI delivered far, far more value than I had expected. My intention in participating in EQ Emotional Intelligence  with coaching Certification program was largely economic/credential building. I had not anticipated the tremendous personal development to be derived from this process.  I am and have been deeply affected and significantly changed by the experience.”

And Yvonne S. says simply:

“I needed personal and personality tools to influence the development of people in my organisation.  I got what I wanted and so much more … I got ‘authentic’ self.  I am surprised, amazed and so very grateful.”

Why am I telling you?

I can assure you it is not just to brag, or to exercise my ego or to simply try to sell you a program of education, awareness and training.  The main reason is:  I (we) don’t want anyone to miss an opportunity like this for even though we are a business, we are also caring human beings with conscience, respect and dignity! We present an opportunity to work directly with us for you to find and have more of yourself; to claim your full measure of happiness; to become your ‘authentic” self.  And, if in so doing it fulfils you, the opportunity to help others to do the same will be magnified.

You see, the Lambda Mi Education and Development (EQ) programs have never been just about developing emotional awareness and competence.  Of course yes, you will learn a proven method to recognise and manage your emotions, thoughts and choices.  But also, what is more important, is this same method will set you free to enjoy a more “authentically” happy life.

Two important questions to ask yourself.

In what way could your life be happier and more fulfilling?  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is it, that if I overcame or was able to do something differently, my life would be significantly happier and more fulfilling?
  2. If the Lambda Mi (EQ)  programs will enable me to that, would I want to participate?

Two ways to get what you want.

There are two ways to learn in how to access the Lambda Mi (EQ) programs method to get what you want:  The EQ Group Program for Coaches, and The EQ Awareness Certification Program.

In the first you will learn how to use the method for yourself and for your business (as a Coach), and in the second you learn how to manage yourself as a Manager, Team Leader, Director, Coach, Teacher, for your own and other peoples benefit to successfully use the method.

There’s one way to find out.

There’s one way to find out if this program really can give you what you want and need – a personal interview.

If this program is not right for you, you won’t benefit and your participation may negatively impact the program.  We interview each candidate before they apply for the programs.  Rarely is anyone admitted who is not a right fit.

What are you waiting for?

You don’t have to do it all alone.  All you have to do is take the first step.  Make an appointment for a pre-registration interview right now.  You can:

Call and schedule with us personally at 0790 777 5011.

You don’t need talent for more success; success comes with emotional intelligence.

Research has dispelled the talent myth.  What has been revealed in numerous studies in many Universities and Study Centres around the world, and detailed in many recent books is that top performers do not simply have more talent, they have more practice and awareness in and of EQ emotional intelligence (FACT).

A talent for it?

In our emotional intelligence training sessions, we have heard people say things like, “She is just naturally good in dealing with emotions.  She really does have an innate empathic talent for it.  I could never be that good.”

Yes you can!!

It is in fact very simple and very doable – but you need awareness, education, training, guidance, support perhaps, in emotional intelligence.

The secret of performers.

EQ emotional intelligence is NOT a fad.  It is one of the secrets of successful performers, whether they are performing on stage, on a football field or in the corporate office.  They have developed their ability to “visualise, to manage their emotions” – to break down their development of EQ skills into “bite-sized” practices.  Then, fuelled by their determination to succeed, they practice their way to excellence.  You too can do the same thing if you have the determination and a method that works.  Chances are that you have already experienced some kind of success in developing a skill or accomplishing something, and if you take a closer look you will recognise what you had to do to achieve what you did.

If you could you’d be happier, but avoid the myths.

If you could apply the same effort and technique to develop your EQ emotional intelligence, you would excel at positively influencing emotions in yourself and others.  You would eliminate unhealthy emotional stress, become healthier, become a master at responding instead of reacting and be more productive and happier in your efforts.

What we have seen sabotage so many people is that they have bought in to a couple of other adult myths: “I should know how to do this.” and “Now that you have told me I’ll just change.”

Neither statements are true OR helpful!

You wouldn’t know how to do these things because hardly anyone is ever taught. In fact, in our society, emotional development has been discouraged in the past. We were conditioned to just go to work but “leave your emotions at the door because they don’t belong here.”  And, if it were really possible to change old habits and create new ones just by saying so, everyone would be living in bliss. But they aren’t are they?

I appreciate EQ

I was very fortunate to have learned about EQ emotional intelligence during my personal development training many years ago; about the same time that I began working on the development of my own EQ and my need to pass on education and training to others.   Over time the learning of emotional skills and how to implement a method with a set of practices came to being.  It is, perhaps, my own greatest achievement in my EQ development.

My method is simple really.

You take every element of recognising, understanding, accepting and using emotions to your own advantage and to adopt a simple practice for each until you are competent in each.  Then you put them all together.  It is very similar to playing jazz music – improvisation.  First you learn the notes and scales and chords; then you are able to improvise in the moment, in the ‘now’. Unlike learning to play jazz, your progress in using EQ will be more effective and can be surprisingly quick.

While the concepts are simple, they can be challenging .

And that’s why for most people, success is assured through education, awareness and instruction in the myriad of methods and some support over time.  If you are ready to leave emotional stress behind, increase your effectiveness, and be happier, we’d love to teach you our methods.

Ready for a change?

You can access our education for EQ emotional intelligence, with Distance Learning and personal coaching and support every week.  To find out the next available slots, contact us.

Call us today on 0790 777 5011 for your chance for a new, happier and healthier life and one where relationships and careers are at their mist successful

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