There is a growing awareness and concern in society and business environments regarding ; personal performance, of business skills, of relationship skills, and effective Management skills and qualities. Lambda Mi, as a Consultancy established in 1990, is dedicated to providing solutions for individuals and organisations both large and small. As a Consultancy, we are able to offer individual, group or team sessions dealing with EQ emotional intelligence and awareness, Mindfullness, leadership, team building, coaching and meditation. Stress and anxiety adversely affects our ‘Well-Being’. EQ can and does provide answers and strategies to reduce their effects. Also, confidence and self-belief are intrinsic attributes that every sportsperson needs no matter professional or amateur. EQ can and does provide strategies for improvement and enhancement.
Our focused subject is EQ emotional intelligence. EQ provides opportunities to acquire improved performance in life and living skills applicable in every facet of life. In business terms, this means leadership, management and business skills, many of which are required by managers, executives and HR & Training Departments, in fact, in and to every ‘people-to-people activity. The most successful organizations in the UK and US now focus on emotional intelligence as a crucial, and vital skill set for their staff and Management. Contact us today to discover how we can help you in uplifting your staff performance, no matter their position on the hierarchical ladder, either as a client (singular) or teams (plural).


‘EQ Emotional Intelligence’, as all the studies and reports around the world prove, is “critical” in “every” human action and interaction in every; work and professional and sport and leisure and learning environment, and also, crucially in every social/digital/online interaction. For those looking for apposite and ‘improving’ Personal Development you should seriously consider this extremely practical (and the very best ROI for business, profession and sport) qualification/skill-set.  You will probable have seen some educational programs (online) costing upwards of £1500 to over £3000 for basic qualifications and yet, are they truly ‘accredited’ programs?  By ‘accreditation’ we mean a nationally recognised qualification, not just an own brand, in-house accreditation.

Lambda Mi Education and Development provides only truly ‘accredited’ programs to Levels 2, 3 and 4 equivalent to NVQ’s. And we will beat the costs of those other programs currently being offered as non-accredited programs. Contact us now for further information and discover how ‘EQ Emotional Intelligence’ can;
  1. further your everyday activities and interactions
  2. improve your own, staff and competitor (sport) performance
  3. improve your own personal and professional effectiveness
  4. realise better workplace efficiencies (ROI)
  5. provide coping strategies for some Mental Health issues
  6. gain recognised and accepted CPD qualifications
  7. gain essential skill sets for Teaching and Mentoring
  8. gain effective coping strategies and improved performances in professional environments
  9. improve your empathy and sympathy skills in Health and Care environments

There is much, much more to mention but we can discuss these during an inquiring no pressure conversation.

Our programs have been designed as Supported Distance Learning appropriate for ALL professional, non-professional, sports people. These 'qualifications' can assist in acquiring jobs (job interviews), for improved management and leadership roles and internal promotions. EQ is 'THE' critical subject for every Manager and for every Teacher especially handling PSHE education and Safeguarding. Call or email today for further information, you really do owe it to yourself.

What do we mean by growth and development?

  • Improved self, business and environmental awareness
  • Enhanced social skills enabling positive influences of others
  • Improved communication skills effective within relationships
  • Enhanced business skills ~ AND career prospects
  • Improved working and living environments

EQ to aide Education
EQ Presentation